A visual journal of fleeting moments on my solitary walks, this mixed media series incorporates collaged fragments of my own prints into new compositions through an explorative process.

Placing cut-up or torn print fragments onto a substrate that allows them to interact with each other in different configurations is immensely satisfying. Some of the prints are from actual leaves and flowers that are printed directly onto a blank plate, while others are from my library of woodblocks that I have carved over the years. I will also incorporate transparent Japanese papers and acrylic glazes, as well as actual natural materials like birch bark for added interest. Because of my interest in narrative, I often incorporate actual text from vintage nature books, as well as my invented calligraphy written with found feathers and sticks.

From a distance the print fragments present as patterns, while on closer inspection, they gradually reveal themselves to be specific images from nature. The meditative act of collage becomes for me an extension of the peace I find while observing the natural world around me.